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We specialise in British vintage audio amplifier refurbishment from 1960 valve models through to the late 80s - what many audio enthusiasts regard as the golden era of  British audio design. Our amplifier standard full service typically starts from £120.00 per model. The actual price depends on the size,complexity and general state of the amplifier. Each service, unless otherwise stated, includes a conditional 12 months warranty from the date it was collected or returned.  A copy of the warranty is included on our download page. Our standard full service includes: *troubleshooting, *replacement of faulty and out-of-tolerance components, a full performance check, *listening test, *soak test and an electrical safety check PAT..  We are happy to quote for additional work such as alternative sockets, transformer replacement, lead manufacture, etc., to total redesign work.  Typical prices for various makes and models of amplifier are shown in the list below:

Click on the underlined service codes for specific service details on that model. You can send in more than one item at a time for

a combined service. This can save you carriage.  We no longer offer a combined service discount.  

For details on how to go about booking and delivering your amplifier for service please click Contact

Amplifier Make Model & Service 

Service Code

Typical Price £ 

Quad 22 Full Service & socket upgrade Q22FSRPU 250.00 Quad II Full Service Q2FS 150.00 Quad II Full Service and socket upgrade. Q2FSSU 220.00 Quad 33 Full Service Q33FS 130.00 Quad 33 Full Service and rear panel upgrade Q33FSRPU 210.00 Quad 33 Full Component Replacement  (FCR) 33FCR 300.00 Quad 33 FCR & Rear Panel Upgrade Q33FCRRPU 350.00 Quad 33 Rear Panel Upgrade only Q33RPU 150.00 Quad FM3 Full Service QFM3FS 120.00 Quad 303 Full Service Q303FS 130.00 Quad 303 Full Service and Front Panel Upgrade Q303FSFPU 175.00 Quad 303 Full Component Replacement Q303FCR 275.00 Quad 303 High performance Upgrade (SUFI) Q303HPUG 330.00 Quad 34 Full Service Q34FS 150.00 Quad 34 Full Service and rear panel upgrade Q34FSRPU 220.00 Quad 44 Full service Q44FS 160.00 Quad 44 Full service with DIN + Phono upgrade Q44FSSU 230.00 Quad FM4 Full Service QFM4FS 140.00 Quad 66 Full service Q66FS 110.00 Quad 306 Full Service Q306FS 120.00 Quad 306 Full Service LS socket upgrade Q306FSLSU 140.00 Quad 405 Full Service Q405FS 150.00 Quad 405 Full Service & LS and DIN socket upgrade Q405FSSU 175.00 Quad 606 Full Service Q606FS 150.00 Leak S20 full service/upgrade LS20FSU 250.00 Leak S30+,70, 70+ Delta Full Service LS70FSU 250.00 Rogers valve amplifier all models (excluding valves) RogersFS 200.00


For   ure listening pleasure

Amplifier Service Prices and Technical Details

Important Note You can drop off your your amplifier to our workshops or send via courier which ever option is most convenient to you. To send your equipment via courier, pack it in a double walled box with plenty of infill material. We cannot be held responsible for damage during transit so please pack your equipment carefully. Click here for hints on how to send your amplifier for repair.   For specific servicing advice on your particular amplifier model  email our service dept, Stating your name, location, make, model and symptoms.   Turnaround time.  Turnaround time for amplifier refurbishment varies through-out the year and can take several weeks. If you want your amplifier in a hurry please bear in mind that a vintage amplifier typically takes a day (often much longer) to fully restore properly. If  we have say 40 amplifiers already booked at a particular point in time that equates to at least 40 days before your amplifier reaches the lab.
In most examples the ‘typical’ price is the price you pay, plus return carriage if applicable. Only in exceptional cases where the state of the amplifier requires prolonged work and expensive parts will the cost increase. In this case we will inform you before carrying out the work.