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Quad 303 Power Amplifier Standard Full Service (Q303FS)


Our standard 3O3  service includes:   Fault diagnosis and rectification Replacement of all electrolytic capacitors, out of tolerance components, worn sockets. Full performance test and adjustment. Finally after a listening test we carry out a 48 hour soak test followed by a thorough electrical safety test (PAT). We also clean the case inside and out  to revive the appearance.  
Under the Quad 3O3 hood’ during a typical Quad 303 full service
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*PAT Portable Appliance Test. A conformal test of the electrical safety of the appliance. This includes insulation test and earth bonding test.  A PASS sticker is attached to the underside of the Quad 303 with the date of the test and the engineers signature.  In the event of a fail (very unlikely), the owner will be informed before further work is carried out.
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