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Packing your amplifier for courier delivery

If this is the first time you have sent  an amplifier via courier then it may seem like hard work, it isn't!  The tiny amount of effort when you pack your amplifier is nothing compared to the feeling you get when it arrives back freshly serviced and sounding as good as new! To make the process really painless follow these basic steps: 1. Printout and complete an  Amplifier Repair Request Form  or write your name, full postal address, telephone number, email address,  on a sheet of paper with your amplifier model, serial number and faults or requirements.  Your phone number is important for the return courier so please include either your main phone or mobile. 2. f you don't have the original packaging or it is too flimsy, find a double walled box at least 8cm larger all around than the amplifier extremities. Place 5cm thickness of infill material on the bottom of the box. Large Bubble wrap or foam sheets are best. 3. Wrap the amplifier in a large plastic bag to prevent dust ingress and superficial scratches from the infill material (a large bin liner will do the job).Place your amplifier centrally in the box. If you have more bubble wrap it is a good idea to cocoon the amplifier by wrapping it around the amplifier across two opposite sides and then repeating the wrapping across the other two sides. 4. Use solid infill material to pack around the amplifier right up to the top of the box. Sheets of expanded polystyrene or lots of balls of rolled up newspaper. 5. Fold over the box flaps and tape down firmly with self adhesive packing tape. Wrap the tape around the box in both directions to effect a firm package. 6. Measure the dimensions of the box length, width and height in cm. and the approximate weight in kg. 7. Contact your favourite courier to collect your package. Enter our address as the destination address and your courier should provide a printable address label. It is also wise to place your address (the sender) on a small label on the side of the box 8. Make out your destination address to: Amplabs, 1 The Woodlands, 28 Main Road, Kempsey, Worcester, WR5 3NB UK


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phone 01905 821737 and state

the make and model

the problem or upgrade you require

We will then advise you on the next step forward.

T he   average   courier   charge   for   sending   or   returning   your   amplifier   with   next day   delivery   is      around   £15.   with   £100   loss/damage   insurance.   You   can increase    the    insurance    for    £5.50    for    each    added    £100    cover.    We recommend   that   you   do   this   as   most   couriers   are   immune   to   the   delicate nature   of   the   items   inside   the   box.   With   this   in   mind   ,please   pack   your equipment   with   great   care.   Use   plenty   of   shock   absorbent   infill   material   and make sure items can’t move around inside the box.
Opening Times         (If you want to drop off your item/s, Please phone or email to confirm a day & approx. time) Monday   : 9am to 12.00 midday      Tuesday  to Friday : 9am - 5.30pm    Saturday : 9am to 1.30pm.