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Amplabs started in 2009. 

Rob our degree qualified audio electronic engineer has well over 45 years experience in audio electronics. An ‘old school’ engineer with theoretical knowledge and practical skills gained from working in the industry through the valve , discrete transistor and silicon chip era. Over the years he has designed a plethora of electronic products including high performance Hi-FI products. One off and prototype PCBs are still made in our small scale PCB fabrication system.

Our Equal Opportunity & Diversity Policy

Amplabs is proud to be in a multi-cultural community. We value diversity, and are determined to follow these fundamental principles: that we treat all individuals fairly, with dignity and respect; that the opportunities we may provide are open to all; that we provide a safe, supportive and welcoming attitude to all; that we remain committed to promoting and supporting equality & diversity.  

General Data Protection Regulation Adherence

Any personal data we hold is provided by you purely to allow us to generate your sales invoices, receipts, process payments, warranties and ‘goods return’ labels. We do not use your data for any other purpose. We do not distribute advertising literature to you electronically or via post unless you have specifically requested that information. In debit/credit card transactions, we use your card information solely to enact a specific sale that you have instigated. This data is processed electronically by the card agency and your bank. The data we hold, (your name, address, email, telephone, and equipment serial numbers), is stored electronically for accounting, and product warranty, purposes, as an electronic sales record on a secure computer. Currently, the legal period for retaining invoice records is 6 years. After this period the respective data will be erased.