Important Note  Some of the items listed for sale are not always in stock.  This particularly applies to second hand refurbished audio equipment and our hand built amplifiers and leads..  We advise that you phone first, so we can check that the item you desire is available. The D7 & I-C6D6 prices are only projections based on current costs so they might change up or down by the time they are released.
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Products for sale

Over the years we have received many requests for all manner of audio items from complete HI-FI systems down to individual components. We have taken notice of your queries and requests and now offer what we regard as good quality at a sensible price. Our own brand high performance amplifiers are hand made by us in the UK. 
Product Description Item Code Price £ Amplabs Classique Accompaniment Pre-Amp C6 C6 PREAMP 650.00 (Built to order) Amplabs D6 matching Class AB 60W power Amplifier D6 POWA 600.00 (Coming later this year) Amplabs D7 CLASS AB 100W power amplifier D7POWA 775.00 (To be announced) Amplabs I-C6D6 Integrated (C6D6 heart) IC6D6INT 1050.00 (To be announced) Quad 33 Fully Serviced and in its original form SQ33FS 200.00 Quad 33 Fully Serviced with our rear panel upgrade S33FSRPU 320.00 Quad 303 Fully Serviced with Front Panel Upgrade S303FSFPU 350.00 Quad 303 Fully serviced  with our SUFI Circuit Upgrades S303SUFI 425.00 Quad 303 Fully serviced  in original form S303FS 300.00


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We accept: Debit /Credit cards Bank Transfer Paypal To order an item other than servicing, please write down a list of the ‘item codes’  for the pieces you wish to buy and phone 01905 821737 or send an order clearly written in English. In either case, clearly state: 1. The item codes and quantity, 2. Your name, delivery address, email and telephone number. 3. Your card details, if you are paying by card. You will receive a receipt via email from the card company. 4. If you wish to pay via online banking we will email an invoice. 5. On receipt of your payment we will process your order and send it to your stated address via courier. Your Information: All personal information we receive from you, in order to process your order, is used solely to enact the order and provide a personal service. For legal purposes, i.e., accounting records, and to provide a service warranty) we hold your data for a statutory period of time (currently 6 years for accounts). After this period your data will be erased electronically and any paper records destroyed.