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Amplabs ‘Classique Accompaniment’  C6 Pre-Amplifier Control Unit


The Classique Accompaniment

Specially designed to provide a no-compromise preamplifier/contol unit replacement to complement your

vintage power amplifier . Ideal to really bring out the characteristics of your Quad II, Leak Stereo 20/50,

Q303,405, etc, etc.

Six stereo inputs: 4 line inputs, two have fully variable input level adjustment. 1 opto input, and DAC and 1 with MM/MC input. Stereo pre-volume control record output Three stereo outputs with High, Medium and Low output levels to suit different power amplifier sensitivities 1 x Mains IEC inlet and 3 outlets High quality Alps ‘blue-velvet’ volume, balance, bass and treble controls. Tone controls have centre de-tent for accurate ‘flat ‘ setting. Low noise, low distortion, solid state electronics designed and built by Amplabs in the UK. Configured by Amplabs to match your specific input sensitivity requirements (MM or MC cartridge sensitivity and line level Real solid Walnut side panels and brass /rubber feet. Typical spec.  (the actual sensitivities are tailored to your requirement) Line 1 to 4 sensitivity: 200mV rms for 1V, 500mV and 250mV rms,outout on the high,medium and low outputs respectively. Phono input sensitivity:  Moving coil 220uV for 1V rms output on the high output. Frequency response standard RIAA Frequency response: Lines 1 to 4 :  8Hz to 200kHz. (-3db down points) Tone Control response: Bass +/- 15dB @20Hz. Treble +/-15db @21kHz Total Harmonic Distortion line 1 to 4: <0.005% See an abridged copy of the user manual in ‘Downloads’  (click button on top of each page)
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