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Quad 34 Full Service (Q34FS and Q34FSRPU)


Our Quad 34 full service includes: Fault diagnosis. Replacement of all out of tolerance components Full performance test, PAT* and 12 hour soak test**.   In some isolated cases  where  expensive parts are required, such as transformers will be an additional charge. If this arises we will notify you before we commence the additional work. The example shown above left, although of the later grey case issue, has DIN sockets and the old style green painted PCB. Some early serial no.34s we receive for service arrive in a very poor state. With the dreaded 'leaking capacitor' problem. Several decades ago a bad batch of 100uF 6V electrolytic capacitors were inadvertently fitted by the manufacturer. This particular capacitor brand contained a faulty electrolyte (a corrosive liquid similar to that found in some batteries). Over the years this nasty liquid  seeps out of each capacitor and onto the PCB motherboard causing track corrosion and shorting. On some of the early Quad 34s there are around twenty of these capacitors fitted. In the worst case, several tracks will be rendered open circuit and the faults exhibited can vary from,  no channel select, intermittent popping & banging, intermittent channel operation, no life, burning smell, severe distortion, the list goes on. If we receive one of these unfortunate specimens we will appraise the extent of the damage FOC and send the owner a detailed report and service quotation.

Upgrades for the Quad 34

If you are having a full Quad 34 service, we can upgrade the older 34s with RCA connectors in place of the DIN sockets. ( See the RH image above). This is an option often requested. We do this by completely removing the surrounding chassis, cutting out the DIN socket section, and fitting and wiring  a new plate .The new panel is fitted with professional quality gold plated RCA sockets. If you would like this option, please state ‘rear panel upgrade’ on your service request form or ‘Q34FSRPU’. * 'PAT' = Portable Appliance electrical safety Test   ** 'Soak testing' involves monitoring the signal output from all inputs for several hours to locate intermittent or impending faults. 
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