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LEAK Stereo Twenty Full Service and Modification


Our full service and Modification includes: Safety check, cut out and fit a fused/switched mains EC block and fit a 250mAF HT fuse.  Perform fault diagnosis. Replace all the out of tolerance and physically damaged resistors with modern high tolerance types. Replace all out of tolerance small signal electrolytic capacitors and dual smoothing blocks. Replace the full set of original paper coupling and decoupling capacitors (if they are still insitu) with HV polypropylene capacitors. Check valve biasing and recommend what valves, if any,  need replacing. Faulty valves will be replaced at cost if requested. Full performance check and adjustment.  24 hour soak test/retest.  If the output or mains transformers are faulty we can replace them at cost plus fitting charge. The old mains outlets are blanked off
The images above show a typical full service and safety modification. The images upper left and middle left, show the rear of the Stereo 20 with the  modified connectors. In place of the round pin Bulgin connector a switched/fused IEC block is fitted. The upper left image  has professional speaker terminal posts, twin IEC outlets and an internal HT fuse fitted. On the lower right image the HT fuse is external and fitted just above the switch cable.  The fuse is 315mA medium blow type. The schematic bottom left, shows the position of the HT fuse  and GZ34 rectifier valve 'protection' diode mods. (Shown by red dots).  The diodes help preserve the life of the GZ34 particularly if it is a modern reproduction type.
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