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LEAK Stereo 70 Repair Full service  (LS70FS)


 A later and more substantial vintage transistor amplifier to the Leak 30 and Leak 30 plus. The Leak Stereo 70 has a really clean sound with more power and a better sound-stage than the earlier models. A Typical Leak Stereo 70 repair procedure includes: Safety check; switch, potentiometer and input socket contact cleaning, fault diagnosis, replacement of all OT components and replacement of all small signal electrolytic capacitors. and smoothing capacitor and output capacitor replacement. The two fat-can smoothing capacitors are replaced with modern high quality Cornell/Dubilier capacitors. They are smaller in size but superior to the original types. To accommodate them we use a circuit board mounted over the original capacitor fixing holes on hexagonal metal pillars. Full performance check and adjustment followed by a  24 hour soak test and Electrical Safety Check (PAT).   PAT = Portable Appliance Test
LEAK S70 before service
S70 After full service (PCB retainer moved to show PCBs clearly) We now mount the main smoothing (top centre) on a PCB with two capacitors
For   ure listening pleasure