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Quad 303 Front Panel Upgrade (Q303FPU)


To add value and enhance the functionality of your Quad 3O3 we can  replace the old front panel and fittings with a professional steel powder coated front panel. If you would like a full service to bring this legend of an amplifier to full spec, at the same time. This service will include; Professionally manufactured steel powder coated and silk screened front panel L & R gold plated phono socket inputs Conformal gold plated loudspeaker terminal posts EC fused mains socket with on-off switch LED on-off indicator We will also PAT test your 3O3 and report any underlying problems.  The new panel offers improved functionality allowing modern leads to be used. The on-off switch is essential if you want to use the 3O3 as a stand alone power amplifier. The old flickering mains neon is replaced with a light emitting diode that monitors the HT rail voltage. When the power is turned off the led slowly dims indicating internal capacitor discharge. This is useful when you want to move the unit or disconnect /connect the leads and loudspeakers.... simply wait until the led extinguishes before disconnecting.
Quad 303 with front panel upgrade
NOTE: For this service you must send your Quad 3O3 by courier or drop it off at our workshops.
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