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       Quad ii Standard Full Service (Q2FS)


Our standard Quad II service includes: Fault diagnosis, during this period, if the choke,transformers or valves measure faulty ,we will contact you and provide a replacement quotation. Faulty components apart from the transformers, valves and choke will be replaced. Replacement of  cathode bypass and TTC can type dual electrolytic smoothing capacitors. The white capacitors shown in the photo are high performance 16uF 600V polypropylene foil and not electrolytics. The low ESR and longevity is superior to electrolytics. These can only be fitted if the voltage selector is removed, which we recommend anyway for safety. * Replacement of signal coupling capacitors with high quality polypropylene types with copper foil screening. Full complement of resistors replaced with High stability, low noise, high tolerance metal film types. Full performance test and adjustment. Finally after a listening test we carry out a 48 hour soak test followed by a n electrical safety test PAT*. NOTE 1: Our standard price does not include replacement of faulty valves, chokes or transformers. We can add valves at cost.  NOTE 2: It is highly recommended that you send your Quad 22 and Quad II together so they can be properly electrically tested.  An unmodified Quad II used as a standalone amplifier is potentially lethal without correct earthing. The earthing is normally  completed through the combined Quad 22 mains connector and umbilical cable.  If you want to use your Quad II as a standalone amplifier, please see details of our Quad 2 connector upgrade Q2FSCU option.  *NOTE 3 If you prefer to have the original TTC smoothing capacitor in the can,with a new dual can electrolytic wired inside ((Not as good electrically or for long life), please add £30.00 for the extra time and work  involved
This image, ‘under the Quad II hood’ shows the neat appearance after service.
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