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Quad 44 Full Service (Q44FS)


Our Quad 44 full service includes: Fault diagnosis and repair, replacement of all electrolytic capacitors and out of tolerance components. Full performance test to ensure it at least matches  the original specification, followed by a PAT and 48 hour soak test. This does not include socket and other upgrades. We may also add low, noise low distortion op-amps where necessary. Quad 44 Service and Socket Upgrade  (Quote Q44FSSU) This option is ideal for older Quad 44s with DIN only interconnects. It includes the full service, as above, plus modifications. For example, some older serial number models used DIN connectors for the tape, aux, and radio inputs. If this option is requested, we will add gold plated phono connectors and change the sensitivities and impedances to match modern DAC, CD, MP3 sources. For example the older ‘radio’ and ‘CD/AUX‘ modules have input resistances of 1M and 500k ohms respectively. We can reduce this down to a factor of 10 or more. Simply tell us what sources you want to connect on your service request form.    Another useful modification to an older 44 is  to change the obsolete 3 pin mains connectors to modern shrouded IEC connectors. To do this we have to  disassemble the PSU box, unwire it, cut out three larger holes and rewire the unit with the new sockets. If you want this mod please add ‘IEC3’ to the order code. The extra charge for the mains connector modification is £40.00. If you just want this mod without a full service the cost is £50.00. + return carriage.
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