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If you have just had your Quad 33 serviced or you have purchased one on the internet, here are a few tips to ensure it works correctly. The great looking, sweet sounding Quad 33 control unit has seven printed circuit boards. Two are fixed mother boards and five are slot in edge connected types. Two of the slot types are user configurable cards that slot in horizontally at the rear of the 33. The other three, slot vertically into the two motherboards inside the 33. The plug-in design and lack of retaining springs means that the cards can easily work loose during transit. The main culprits are the internal, vertically mounted, cards. These often jump out of their slots and become wedged against the cover and their respective motherboards. When you first receive your 33 back from service, there are a few things to check prior to power up: 1. Unscrew the two rear slotted screws and withdraw the chassis from the sleeve and check that the three vertical slot-in board are pushed down firmly into their edge connectors (see the left picture below). 2. Refit the chassis into the sleeve and refit the screws. 3. Make sure the fuse thumb screw is tight and has not loosened in transit. 4. Make sure the power amplifier, 33 and other peripheral units are unplugged from the mains and connect the signal leads. Look at the rear of the 33 and ensure the index indent on each plug locates with the relevant socket index on the rear panel. (Shown as a red arrow on the lower picture below). 5. When you have connected all the signal leads to their relevant units, connect the mains cables first to the units and then finally to the mains outlets. 6. If you are using a turntable and pickup make sure the turntable earthing lead is connected to the thumb screw marked 'E' (shown on the rightmost picture). 7. Refer to the Quad 33/303 user manual. (Copy on our download page.) or click here

Quad 33 Things to check before hooking up

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