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Sensible Amplifier Modifications


Some of the amplifier models we are asked to service do not match up to today’s standards on safety and usability. For example ;the vintage Quad II and Quad 22 amplifiers sound good together but the two pin mains connectors and voltage selector strips, let them down on safety. Another potential problem is the increasing shortage of vintage connectors and cables. Modifying  these old units so they can accept modern,conformal plugs and sockets while increasing the electrical safety,  makes a lot of sense. Quad 33 rearpanel modification: We change the rear panel with a professionaly manufactured steel powder coated and silkscreened unit and replace the full set of DIN and 2 pin mains sockets with gold plated RCA signal connectors  and IEC (kettle lead) mains sockets respectively. Quad 303 front panel modification: Similar to above. Quad II modification. Change the 2 pin mains chassis plug to a fused IEC inlet and remove the fuse and blank off the mains voltage selector and preset it to 230/240V. We also add an RCA connector to allow use of a separate pre-amplifier but still allow the use of a Quad 22 if preferred. Quad 22 modification: Change the 2 pin mains connector to an earthed IEC inlet. Change the full set of short reach phono connectors to gold plated RCA connectors. Details and prices on the Servicing page. Just click the underlined ‘service code’.
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