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To    see    typical    service    charges    for your   make   and   model,   Click   here    or click   on   the   ‘Servicing’   button   (top   of page). If   your   model   isn’t   listed   you   will   at least   gain   an   idea   of   the   service   cost by   comparing   its   size   and   type   with those   listed.      Alternatively   you   can phone    us    (details    on    our    contact page).


We specialise in Audio Amplifier Design, Service and Restoration

The   UK   once   led   the   world   in   audio   technology.   It   still   does   today   in   some   areas   but   on a   much   smaller   scale..      The   good   thing   is,   a   lot   of   these   famous   old   UK   audio   models from   the   60s,   70s   and   80s   are   still   in   use.      Just   like   classic   cars,   people   can’t   resist these   old   masterpieces.   They   bring   nostalgia   and   a   sense   of   timelessness.   The   sound quality, after restoration, is  every bit as good as many of the top models of today.  If   you   have   a   faulty   vintage   amplifier,   or   one   that   doesn’t’   sound   as   good   as   it   used   to, we   can   restore   it   to   its   former   glory. This   even   applies   to   old   classic   valve   amplifiers   that     are   electrically   unsafe   to   use   in   their   current   state.   We   can   upgrade   the   connectors, interconnects, and wiring. Even if the case is rusty, we can restore it to its former glory.
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